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Best Digital Tools of 2021

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Are you having trouble with your budget?

Do you want to remove some of the expensive tools but unfortunately they are necessary for your business to exist in the online world perhaps you tried searching for their affordable alternatives but can’t find anything? So, don’t worry because today, I have an amazing toolkit for you that will solve your problems in an instant. Doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, digital marketer, Instagram influencer, digital creator or entrepreneur. This toolkit can be used by anyone who wants to enhance their skills, make a strong online presence, and want people to recognize their work. Moreover, if you want the email marketing tool then check out here.

Toolszen the affordable toolkit for you

Toolszen, the no.1 group buy community globally, offers you 25+ premium tools to successfully build your online business. It gives you instant access in one click with 100% privacy protection. You get to use every tool with its full features.

There are no limitations except one or two. Toolszen dashboard is so simple & clean that you can use every tool from one place so you don’t need to log in separately in every tool. All your work can be done in one login. If you ever face any problem regarding anything in Toolszen, you can contact their 24/7 support team. They will reply in few minutes to solve your problem.

Something Important you should know

Now, there must be some questions arising in your mind like how the Toolszen system work, can I share my account or do they have a refund policy. So, don’t worry I am here to answer all your questions. See, Toolszen will provide you with two chrome plugins that have all setting to access tools, simply install in & you are good to go.

They have a refund policy, you can request for refund if their service is not working properly. If you want to use accounts in the office & home, you have to buy separate accounts. Actually, they have an automated reporting system if they detect sharing violations then they will warn you or might ban your account, this means that you can’t share your account even if you want to. If you are wondering about the origin of this software then let me tell you it’s Made In India so, you can trust it.

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List of best tools;

Now, comes the interesting part where you can see what type of tools Toolszen will give you. Below is the list of all the different tools that Toolszen gives you access to:-

  1. Ahefs: With the help of this tool, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic. Through Toolszen you can get full direct access to Ahrefs all functions like;
  • Optimize your website, by site audit.
  • Analyze your competitors, by site explorer.
  • Study what your customers are searching for, by keywords explorer.
  • Learn from your industry’s top-performing content, by content explorer.
  • Track your ranking progress by the rank tracker.

The only limitation you face is that you will be getting 30 keywords & 30 domains per day but don’t be sad there is more for you. If you want to know about an awesome web hosting platform then click here. Let’s move on to the next tool!

2. Semrush: This is another expensive tool that you can afford through Toolszen. The features you get in Semrush are;

  • Grow organic traffic with their complete and easy SEO tools & workflow.
  • Create content that ranks better than others. (No expert knowledge required)
  • Do market research and unveil your competitors’ marketing strategy & tactics.
  • With smart advertising, you can discover how to reach more prospects while spending less.
  • Build your most effective social media strategy from here.

In this, you get unlimited keywords and domains per day but site audit is not allowed perhaps you can use site audit in Ahrefs.

3. Spyfu: You must be thinking now what does Spyfu do?

  • It exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.
  • It increases your website traffic and helps you to tracks keyword ranking.
  • Build reliable contact info. that will help you to build partnerships or generate sales leads.
  • You can do SEO competitor research by searching for a competitor. See every keyword they’ve ever bought on google that helps them rank on and every Ad test they’ve run. Uncover the exact content and backlinks that lets them outrank you.
  • Create your custom list of domains. Filter by industry, location, ad spend, search traffic, social media, and technologies.

4. Keyword Research: this tool helps you discover low-competition keywords Guaranteed. So, start spending less time on keywords that are simply out of reach. With 10,000+ search locations, find hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword research tool.

5. Moz Pro: It is another tool that helps in to do SEO smarter way.

  • With this, you can do Site audits like, they crawl your site on demand, uncover technical SEO issues, and recommend improvements and fixes.
  • Then comes Rank tracking which Tracks the performance of hundreds (or thousands) of your traffic-driving keywords across 170+ search engines.
  • Backlink analysis The Moz link index is second to none. See metrics to any site in seconds, including anchor text and Domain Authority.
  • Their Keyword research helps you discover thousands of keywords to target along with Keyword Difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis.

6. Woorank: It analyzes your website SEO.

  • Get an instant overview of how well your website scores based on SEO best practices.
  • Know where your website stands against the competition in your market.
  • Watch your score improve as soon as you make a change on your website.

7. Buzzsumo: This helps you to Find the content that performs best collaborate with the influencers who matter. Use buzzsumo content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

8. Alexa: Now, this is not the Alexa that will answer your random question and play music for you. But this Alexa is also an company that helps you in your business.

  • It will discover ideas to grow your traffic.
  • Helps you to create content that engages your audience.
  • You can improve your SEO and find easy to rank keywords.
  • You can also see your competitors’ keywords & compare your site to competitors.
  • Compare traffic metrics of several websites & prove your site’s popularity with certified metrics.

9. Team Tree House: Here, you can take the best online coding classes for at-home learning. Learn to code, design, and more—all on your own time.

10. WordAi: This will 10x Your Content Output With AI. Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love. WordAi Uses Advanced Machine Learning Models To Provide High Quality Rewriting That Is Indistinguishable From Human-Written Content.

11. Spinrewriter: This is the perfect SEO specialist tool that creates unique, human-quality content to rank higher on Google. Spin Rewriter saves you both time and money. It takes a single article and turns it into dozens of 100% unique, human-quality articles. All these unique articles will let you rank higher, and for more profitable keywords.

12. Article Builder: If you don’t have time and need to present a new article in an hour then just fill a single form and get a unique article in a few minutes. This tool is very beneficial for school & college students.

13. Stock Unlimited: It provides you with unlimited images, icons, audio, fonts & templates. You can use anything without worrying about copyright issues.

14. Quetext: It is a simple Plagiarism Checker & Citation Assistant. It helps you to Find plagiarism with less stress with a click of a button and an easy, immersive experience.

  • You can Easily spot exact matches vs. near-exact or ‘fuzzy’ matches with corresponding colours.
  • Easily drill down on your matches side-by-side with their interactive and intuitive snippet text viewer.
  • Its comprehensive plagiarism score is backed by billions of internet sources.

15. Scribd Premium: Scribd gives you instant access to ebooks, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, sheet music, and documents — all in one simple digital subscription.

16. Grammarly-Premium: It is a cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement and delivery mistakes in real-time. It uses AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates.

17. CanvaPro: Get Unlimited content with access to their entire photo, graphic, video and audio library at no extra cost. Background removal from images with one click.

  • Design together with your whole team in one place. Schedule social media to publish across your favourite platforms, directly from it.
  • Resize designs for any platform with Magic Resize. Stay on-brand with all your brand fonts, colours and logos stored in it.

18. Crello Pro: It has thousands of design templates for dozens of formats, including social media, print, and web. Edit their templates easily or create your graphics and animations. Here, are few things that you can create or get in crello pro;

  • Poster & Square video post
  • Youtube thumbnail & Instagram video story
  • Animated logo & Instagram story
  • Facebook post & Video full HD
  • Logo & Square Graphic Post
  • Instagram Post & Facebook Cover

And the list goes on & on & on. Believe me, there is everything that you can find in crello pro to create your strong digital presence.

19. Picsart: You can Create Amazing Photo & Video Edits With Online Design Tools and Take your content to the next level with templates, fonts, stickers, & more.

20. Placeit Premium: This is the place that provides unlimited mockups, designs templates, videos, logos & so much more. Make sure to check this out if you don’t like canva or crello.

21. Pic Monkey: This tool helps you to edit and design photos. It offers, Featured templates for logos, banners, thumbnails, and more. You can Kick-start your design project with an artist-crafted template and get maximum impact with minimal effort.

22. Envato Elements: It is a service that provides unlimited downloads of hundreds of thousands of digital assets. It gives you access to Stock video, video templates, music tracks, sound effects, Graphic Templates, Graphics, Presentation Templates, Photos, Fonts but that’s not it there is more to explore. You can use Envato elements to develop a bunch of different stuff for your business projects.

23. Skillshare: Skillshare is an online learning platform that can teach you literally anything from the scratch. You can learn anything under one roof. It has many experts in every field, so don’t worry about the quality of content. The amazing part is that you can learn the stuff that’s is not even available offline.

24. Tutsplus: Its second name is Envato Tuts+. Tutsplus publishes video courses, eBooks, and written tutorials to help you learn creative and technical skills.

25. Word Tracker: It helps you find new keywords for your market, Discover your competitors’ keywords, Uncover trending keywords for any niche & Get the top keywords for any search engine and country all you need to do is start searching.

26. Indexification: Getting indexed by Google is not easy. Because google increasingly tricky to allow indexing a website or any path. So the time you have to wait for google indexing often takes a lot of time. And most likely, your backlinks are not indexed because of many other factors affecting. You’ve spent too much time on SEO, and no one wants to wait months to see results in link building and site ranking. Indexification is a backlink indexing tool that helps your backlinks get crawled and indexed in the search engines. You can create a lot of backlinks as a webmaster.Indexification is a popular tool that can help google index all your backlinks by quickly indexing them. This backlink indexing service is commonly used by SEO experts and bloggers to index their backlinks and increase visibility on search engines.

additional and owned by Toolszen itself;

27. Plagiarism Checker: It’s a plagiarism checker nothing else. 

28. Toolszen Word Counter/Tracker:  This tool will not only count the words but also shows you the total no. of sentences, characters, paragraphs and what is the reading time.

29. Long Tail Keyword Tool:  Just enter a random keyword and it will show you the top long-tail keywords that you can use.

30. Pages-Generator: You need to enter your site name, site URL, what your site is about, your name & e-mail id and there you go it will generate pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us & disclaimer. Now, the only thing you need to do is copy-paste.

Pricing plans;

After reading about all this you must be thinking that this is too good to be true and there is a catch in it but believe me there is not any kind of catch with ToolsZen. Now, think about signing up for every tool separately and getting just a basic plan of every tool, you know how much it would cost you to just sign up for a basic plan of every tool. After calculating all basic plans it would cost you $1,237.59 & in Indian currency, Rs.92,516.12 don’t be so shocked the cost is just gonna rise as time passes by. So, don’t wait for something more perfect just start now and make things perfect.

Everything that I have written about Toolszen is 100% legit moreover every tool in Toolszen is genuine and works perfectly. Check out the subscription plans and Sign up ASAP:-

of Plans
All in
Lite PlanDesigner
Money You
Can Save
1 month₹ 699₹ 449₹ 4490
6 month₹ 3774₹ 2424₹ 2424₹ 420 & 270
12 month₹ 6710₹ 4310₹ 4310₹ 1678 & 1078
Sign up here

This is what you’ll be getting if you choose the plan according to your needs.

 All in one planLite planDesigner plan
AhrefsAhrefsEnvato Elements
SemrushSemrushStock Unlimited
SpyfuStock UnlimitedPlaceit
Keyword RevealerKeyword RevealerPicsart
WordAiPrime VideoToolszen Plagiarism Checker
Toolszen Plagiarism CheckerToolszen Plagiarism CheckerToolszen Word Tracker
Toolszen Word TrackerToolszen Word TrackerToolszen Long Tail Keyword Tool
Toolszen Long Tail Keyword ToolToolszen Long Tail Keyword ToolToolszen Pages Generator
Toolszen Pages GeneratorToolszen Pages GeneratorN/A
Article BuilderN/AN/A
Stock UnlimitedN/AN/A
Team Tree HouseN/AN/A
Envato ElementsN/AN/A
Word TrackerN/AN/A


Just think about what is useful for you among these tools that can help you build your brand, help you get your dream job, enhance your skills & make you more knowledgeable. Do let me know what you like in toolszen and how useful it is for you. Don’t forget to comment with your feedback it means a lot to me.


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