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 About Me

Hello/Hey there, I’m glad that you have come here to know about me other than my work. So, my name is Anshuman a 21-year-old guy who is sharing his knowledge in the best possible way. See, I am not a guy who has gained a lot of experience in the corporate world to showcase to other people. Because till now, I have only worked in one company and like for 2 months only because, to be honest, I like working with people rather than working for people so you can say that I don’t like jobs very much or I am not a job person.

Now, comes my education after completing my schooling in New Delhi. I went to pursue BBA in marketing from IGNOU ( an open university ) there I got an opportunity to do an internship in Adidas for 3 months. After completing my internship I tried to gather some information about the stock market and other business stuff in my spare time and I used to read about it.

Then, I came to know about DDIP ( Digital Deepak Internship Program ) from Facebook and the concept of this program was so amazing like where you can learn and earn at the same time so without further ado, I immediately applied for it and got the chance to be in batch 9. In the program, I learned about digital marketing from the basics that opened my thought process and gave me a wide perspective of the digital world and because this digital world was my area of interest it was not very hard for me to learn all that stuff but to master it. I need to constantly work on it & that’s why I have not stopped learning till now and every day I get to know something new something interesting which helps me to grow that’s why I have started this website to share the knowledge & learnings that I am consuming every day.

Digital Anshuman purpose is to make people understand the aspects of true knowledge rather than just depending on or mugging up school & college education. Digital Anshuman is here to provide people with the best information about the business, digital marketing, technology and different products & services that can help them to develop in certain ways and add value to their life. Other than this I am learning to become good at storytelling. Through Digital Anshuman I have started my affiliate marketing career and trying to make new experiences in this journey. For now, you can enjoy the provided content and feel free to approach me. I promise I will respond. And yeah if you also want to join the DDIP then you can enroll in it. Here is the link: